A self proclaimed "movement junkie”, April has been studying movement since the age of 4 when she took her first dance lesson. By 17, she was a professional dancer and at 23, a choreographer and dance instructor at the University of Michigan. Early retirement from dance, led April to competitive sports where she raced in marathons, triathlons and mountain biking for 2 decades. Constantly seeking knowledge about the human body, it’s functionality, biomechanics and injury prevention and rehabilitation, April has continued her education in anatomy, kinesiology and yoga teacher training through countless workshops, retreats, college courses and personal research. Her unique style and brand of yoga is alignment based yoga that incorporates creative and intelligent sequencing so students are encouraged to challenge themselves in a safe environment. Creating an art form between the sequencing, the messaging, the verbal cues and the playlist ensure a deeply personal sensory experience in April’s classes that allow the yogi practitioner to explore their potential.


Autumn has always loved dance and fitness and was drawn to yoga when she felt burned out on gym workouts and wanted something more meaningful. She holds an MA in Holistic and Integrative Education and is passionate about teaching mindfulness and self expression through art. She currently teaches art in the Desert Sands Unified School District and always tells her students “process over product”. This applies to yoga, art and life! Autumn embodies curiosity, patience, and acceptance of herself and others. Off the mat, she loves reading, hiking, and being a mom to 3 boys.


Briana leads a mindful and gently guided class that targets specific areas of the body to develop strength, flexibility, and a deep inner opening for balance of mind, body and spirit. She focuses on intelligent sequencing, and cues lots of modifications in order to tailor postures for one’s individual needs. Briana is passionate about teaching to all levels so everyone can find their inner journey to the self.


Anthony came to the practice of yoga as a way to find relief from chronic back pain. After several years of practice and study, he was inspired to share his knowledge with others, in the hopes that they too would find relief from pain and life’s daily stresses. Anthony’s teaching style includes but is not limited to an openness to meeting people where they are in their practice, the importance of breath awareness as it relates to not only the physical practice of yoga, but also mind/body connection. His classes are accessible, informative, fun and challenging. Off the mat, Anthony is interested in sociology, history, the study of yoga’s spiritual texts and metaphysics, road cycling, swimming, film noir, documentaries and dabbling in armchair anthropology.